The Midlife Chryslers energize an event.  The combination of their vocals, instrument talent, play list, and stage presence is awesome and engaging,” Jim Duncan, President, Billings Clinic Foundation. 
Jim Duncan, Billings Clinic Foundation, President

For three seasons in a row, The Midlife Chryslers drew the largest crowd of the season, shattering the single concert attendance mark they set in 2008.  A crowd exceeding 2,500 music fans enjoyed the perfect evening!
Jerry Pearsall, St. Johns Lutheran Ministries Foundation

The Midlife Chryslers played the 16th Annual Beartooth Ball and they rocked the house.  Our guests could not get enough of this multi-talented and energetic group. With their phenomenal musical depth and vocal ability, this band had the dance floor packed and shaking with every number!
Maggie Karas, Beartooth Billings Clinic, Community Relations Coordinator

The Midlife Chryslers have played at Rocky Mountain College's largest annual fundraising dinner/auction event for several years.  Their outstanding rock 'n roll music, intermittent comedy, fabulous vocals and brass keep the crowd dancing until they drop! RMC raises nearly $250,000 at this event and they are without doubt the highlight of the night!
Vicki Davison, Rocky Mountain College, Director of Advancement

The Midlife Chryslers always get rave reviews from our attendees.  We know the band is one of the reasons for our larger-than-ever ticket sales.  They have such a wide array of deep talent in the band, and they have fun while performing, which makes all the difference in the world.  They are a terrific bunch of musicians and we were delighted with their performance.
Sarie Mackay, Beartooth Billings Clinic Foundation, Executive Director

The Midlife Chryslers rocked the Madison Valley over Labor Day Weekend at the Ennis Fly Fishing Festival... 500+ people remained in the park throughout the three hour performance... with children and adults dancing and clapping the night away under the big sky of Montana!
Mary Oliver, First Madison Valley Bank, Senior Vice President

The Midlife Chryslers use high-energy rock 'n roll and office gyno-humor to redefine the notion of midlife entertainment.  Crowd-pleasing up-beat dance music rules fan-packed evenings.  Unlike so many bands that fall to silence between songs, the Chryslers segue with humor on right into the next tune, inevitably keeping the energy high and customers coming in the door.
George Moncure, Owner of Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co.