Growing up in the McBride family, the question was not if you would play an instrument, but rather which instrument you would decide to play.  I was encouraged with practice charts taped to the refrigerator and duet sessions with my father playing his trombone.  I was fortunate to hear my Dad play with many professional jazz musicians from a young age including his own group - Docs Tailgate Dixieland Band - which played around Billings and the region for many years.

I was principal trumpet with the All-Northwest Orchestra while in high school.  My private instructors included the principal trumpet player with the Billings Symphony while in high school and the principal trumpet player with the Oregon Symphony while in college.  I played and sang my way through college while completing a B.S. in Chemistry and Biology.  I sang in the college choir, sang with a barbershop quartet at Linfield College, and sang and played trumpet with many other small groups while in college.  My musical influences include James Taylor, Chicago, Kenny Rankin, and Tower of Power.

I married Shelley, who I met in college and we sang a bit together when we were younger. We have two sons, Sean and Chase, who are both musical as well, singing and playing a variety of instruments as they grew up.

Playing with the Midlife Chryslers has been so much fun for me.  I had not played regularly for many years, and this has been the opportunity I have been looking for to express myself musically again. Playing trumpet alongside my brother Doug, with my wife and sons cheering in the audience, brings it full circle for me. In our family, music is one of our common bond.