HAL FORSETH – Vocals, Bass, Guitar

Hal was born and raised in Billings Montana.  He remembers life changed when he heard Len Droste, a renowned artist and his “second father”, play drums with Doc McBride’s Dixieland Band.  This experience got him started taking lessons, working hard and drumming at Billings West High School and Rocky Mountain College.

Hal played drums in several bands, including Harvest, Cottonwood, and People Tree.  Hal toured with Rick Nelson, among others.  To pay tuition, he sat in with numerous other bands, including Wayne Salveson and the Good Times as well as Dave Moon and the Moonshiners.

After a brief hiatus, Hal returned to college at Montana State University, played in their band, studied pre-med, and sat in with anyone who paid well.  In medical school at the University of New Mexico he sat in with the university jazz ensemble.   There he found a new friend and study partner, Lori, who he has been married to for 30 years.

After medical school he became an officer and gentlemen in the United States Navy and horsed around on the guitar.   He and Lori moved back to Montana to raise their three children and practice medicine.  They are both physicians – he practices Obstetrics and Gynecology, and she is a Family Practitioner.

In 2000, Hal joined The Midlife Chryslers playing guitar and percussion.  He later switched to bass and vocals and is a legend in his own mind.