DOUG EZELL – Keyboard, Mandolin, Fiddle, Harmonica, Autoharp

Doug is a native of Columbus, Ohio.  Both his grandmothers were talented pianists; one studied at the Cincinnati conservatory, one played by ear.  Five years of piano lessons in grade school, and he still never learned to read music.   Doug began playing music in earnest while in medical school.  Following a long interest in American and Celtic folk traditions, he taught himself fiddle and mandolin.  In the 80's, Doug played in a locally popular string band known as the "Ain't Gotta Clue Stringband;” they frequently played at a local downtown Billings pub–Bert & Ernie's.  Continuing with that interest, Doug has produced the popular Yellowstone Public Radio program, "Strings and Things," since 1986.

In '87, Doug began piano lessons.  Shortly after that, Bob Snider asked Doug to join him and Mac McClave to play some tunes.  "Bring your banjo," said Bob.  Doug never has played banjo.  Nonetheless, as the Midlife Chryslers took shape, Doug took up Piano, Hammond B3, Autoharp, Harmonica, and Bass, as well as his fiddle and mandolin.  In 2004, Doug was awarded a "Tuney Award" as Billings' best mandolin player.

Doug's influences in his varied musical interests include Bill Monroe (the Father of Bluegrass), David Grisman, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Greg Allman.  He is married to Sharon Christensen, a nurse he met in an artificial insemination clinic while an Ob-Gyn resident at the University of Minnesota.  They have two fantastic kids–Molly who has an amazingly beautiful soprano voice, and Andy, a dedicated jazz and Classical trumpeter.  Doug has practiced Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Infertility in Billings since the civil war.